Gender Diversity in Mathematics Conference

University of St Andrews    19th April 2017

Speakers and Panelists

J Mackenzie     University of Glasgow

J Mackenzie is a mathematician, activist, and tiramisu enthusiast. They are currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Glasgow in applied mathematics, modelling blood flow in the human heart. They moved to Glasgow in 2016 after graduating from Heriot-Watt University where they studied diffusion driven pattern formation (the mathematics of why zebras are stripey).

Outside of mathematics, J is an active member of the LGBT community in Glasgow and is a vice president of TransPrideScotland (TPS), a grassroots group dedicated to advocating for the rights of trans people in Scotland. TPS are currently planning Scotland’s first Trans Pride event that will be held in late summer 2017. In their free time they enjoy making furniture and vegan analogues of dairy based puddings.

Eugenie Hunsicker     Loughborough University

Dr Eugenie Hunsicker is a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at Loughborough University. She has been involved in efforts to support and increase diversity in mathematics since her undergraduate days, including organising women in mathematics seminars, social events and programmes to develop mentoring relationships between undergraduate women and schoolgirls. As a bisexual woman in mathematics who has a disability, and as the mother of three black sons, she is also personally very committed to diversity in science. For the past year and a half, she has served as the Chair of the London Mathematical Society Women in Mathematics Committee, and as part of that work has begun work on a new web resource, Success Stories in Mathematics, aimed at celebrating a broad view of mathematical careers, mathematicians and mathematical success. Her research started in pure mathematics, but over the past few years has become involved in developing applications of geometry and topology to data science. She enjoys collaborating closely with computer scientists, physicists, chemists and engineers.

Dr Michail Papathomas     University of St Andrews

Andrew Mitchell     University of St Andrews