Applied Mathematics Seminars

Academic Year 2016/2017

Semester 1 Seminars

Semester 2 Seminars

Unless otherwise indicated, seminars will be held in Lecture Theatre D, Mathematical Institute (MI).
All interested are welcome to attend.
Tea will be available at 3:00pm in the Staff Common Room.
External visitors are advised to confirm arrangements with the Secretary: Tel. (01334) 463744/463747.

Semester 2: Candlemas Semester 2016

Friday 27th January, 2:00pm

Dr. Agissilaos Athanassoulis, University of Dundee
Emergence of highly localized instabilities from a noisy wave background:
Characterisation and prediction of rogue waves

Friday 3rd February, 2:00pm

Prof. Gunnar Hornig, University of Dundee
Using helicity to characterise complex magnetic and vorticity fields: scope and limitations

Friday 10th February, 2:00pm

Dr. Nikolaos Sfakianakis, Johannes Gutenberg-Universitat Mainz
Modeling lamellipodium induced cell-motility under the influence of chemotaxis and haptotaxis

Friday 17th February, 2:00pm

Prof. Steve Tobias, University of Leeds
Direct statistical simulation of astrophysical and geophysical flows

Friday 24th February, 2:00pm

Dr. Isobel Falconer, University of St Andrews
Mathematics in Thomson and Rutherford`s (1896) collaboration on x-ray ionisation

Friday 3rd March, 2:00pm

Prof. Steven McDougall, Heriot-Watt University
Modelling vasculature in tumours, wounds and retinae: Going with the flow?

Friday 10th March, 2:00pm

Professor Jose Antonio Carrillo de la Plata, Imperial College London
Macroscopic models in collective behaviour: repulsion modelled by diffusion

Friday 17th March and Friday 24th March

Spring Break: No Seminars

Friday 31st March, 2:00pm

Prof. David Burgess, Queen Mary University of London
Shock waves in collisionless plasmas: Do they exist?

Friday 7th April, 2:00pm

Prof. Maarten Ambaum, University of Reading
Wave-mean flow interactions and the validity of low-order models

Friday 14th April, 2:00pm

No Seminar: Good Friday

Tuesday 18th April, 2:00pm

Dr. Joe Lacasce, University of Oslo
The vertical structure of ocean eddies

Friday 21st April, 2:00pm

Dr. Rekha Jain, University of Sheffield

Friday 28th April, 2:00pm

Prof. Yvonne Elsworth, University of Birmingham
Good vibrations - a solar-stellar connection

Friday 5th May, 2:00pm

Dr Hayder Salman, University of East Anglia

Friday 12th May, 2:00pm

Dr. Andrew Baggaley, University of Newcastle
A Note on the Propagation of Quantized Vortex Rings Through a Quantum Turbulence Tangle:
Energy Transport or Energy Dissipation?

Friday 19th May, 2:00pm

Prof. Philip Maini, University of Oxford
Modelling collective cell movement

Friday 26th May, 2:00pm

Prof. Ruth Baker, University of Oxford
Quantitative approaches to investigating epithelial morphogenesis

Michaelmas Semester 2016

Monday 23rd September, 2:00pm

Dr. Jonathan Nichols, University of Leicester
Alien auroras: auroras and magnetospheric dynamics of exoplanets

Friday 28th October, 2:00pm

Prof. Stephen Wilson, University of Strathclyde
Floating plates and evaporating drops

Friday 4th November, 2:00pm

Prof. John King, University of Nottingham
Mathematical modelling of biological tissue growth

Friday 11th November, 3:00pm (TUTORIAL ROOM 3B)

Prof. Dr. Dagmar Iber, ETH Zurich
From networks to function: Computational models of organogenesis

Friday 18th November, 2:00pm

Dr. Raluca Eftimie, University of Dundee
Pattern formation in nonlocal hyperbolic/kinetic models for collective phenomena in ecology and cell biology

Friday 25th November, 2:00pm

Dr. Nikos Kavallaris, University of Chester
On the study of the shadow-system of the Gierer-Meinhardt system

Friday 2nd December, 2:00pm

Dr. Maria Carmen Romano, University of Aberdeen
Novel mRNA-specific effects of ribosome drop-off on translation rate and polysome profile

Friday 9th December, 2:00pm

Dr. Veronica Grieneisen, John Innes Centre
Cell polarity, shape and surface mechanics: from animals and plant development to robot swarms