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Mathematical Biography:

A MacTutor Celebration

St Andrews University, Scotland

16th - 17th September 2016

News: Provisional programme has been amended to enable people to catch the last train back to London on Saturday afternoon


Talks will take place between mid afternoon Friday 16th September and mid afternoon Saturday 17th September. There will be optional workshops in the University Special Collections, and walking tours of sites of history of mathematics and science interest on Friday morning and early afternoon. On Friday evening there will be a wine reception and buffet supper followed by some entertainment yet to be confirmed.

Provisional timetable with speakers and titles

Confirmed speakers

Niels Henrik Abel by Johan Gørbitz [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons; Ada Lovelace by Alfred Edward Chalon [Public Domain] via Wikimedia Commons

Planned Sessions include:

  • The cultural significance of individuals in mathematics
  • Panel discussion with Nicholas Bingham, Graham Farmelo, and Sydney Padua on approaches to mathematical biography
  • Impact and use of new technologies in biography
  • MacTutor, its history and future - discussion and feedback
  • Questions of audience, purpose and translation
Sofja Wassiljewna Kowalewskaja by Unknown [Public Domain] via Wikimedia Commons; Paul Dirac by Nobel Foundation [Public Domain] via Wikimedia Commons