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Mathematical Biography:

A MacTutor Celebration

St Andrews University, Scotland

16th - 17th September 2016


Links to videos of the presentations are coming. If the one you want is not here yet, please check back in a few days

Biography and the cultural significance of individuals

Henrik Kragh Sørensen: "Abel der Glückliche": Appropriations in the biographies of Niels Henrik Abel

Eva Kaufholz:“…the first handsome mathematical lady I have ever seen!” — On the role of beauty in the portrayals of Sofja Kowalewskaja

Steven Skiena: Who's bigger? A quantitative analysis of historical fame

Use of new technologies

Dagmar Mrozik: The Jesuit Science Network: A digital prosopography project on Jesuit scholars in early modern science

Kris Grint: Crowdsourcing, discovery, and public engagement with Jeremy Bentham

Panel discussion with Graham Farmelo, Sydney Padua and Nicholas Bingham

MacTutor Session

Edmund Robertson: The development of MacTutor

Reflecting on writing biography

Philip Beeley: 'The learned shall reap the benefit of your spare hours'. An essay on the life and work of the mathematical intelligencer John Collins

John Bibby: Zigzagging round Karl Pearson's Yorkshire roots: an idiot's tour using familiography, local history, biography and science history

Michalis Sialaros: Revisiting Euclid's biography: a critical examination of the anecdotes about his life

Politicisation of mathematical biography in the 20th century

Christopher Hollings: Reading between the lines: Soviet mathematical biography

Laura Rodriguez: Frigyes Riesz between the two Wold Wars

Jan Kotůlek: Prosopography of mathematicians connected to disappearing German-speaking community in Prague (1938-1945)

Writing and using biographies of female mathematicians

A.E.L. Davis: A survey of sources for biographies of female mathematicians

Jacqueline Dewar: Women and mathematics: A course and a scholarly investigation

Ursula Martin: Writing the mathematical biography of Ada Lovelace