School of Mathematics and Statistics

Analysis Research Group

Programme for Academic Year 2019-20

A series of seminars for postgraduates, final year undergraduates and anyone else who is interested, to provide background in Analysis, with an emphasis on the research interests of the Group, takes place on Tuesday afternoons at 15:00 in Room 1A.

Candlemas Semester (Spring 2020):

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Martinmas Semester (Autumn 2019):

Candelmas Semester (Spring 2019):

Martinmas Semester (Autumn 2018):

Candelmas Semester (Spring 2018):

Martinmas Semester (Autumn 2017):

Candelmas Semester (Spring 2017):

Martinmas Semester (Autumn 2016):

Candlemas Semester (Spring 2016):

Martinmas Semester (Autumn 2015):

Candlemas Semester (Spring 2015):

Martinmas Semester (Autumn 2014):

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Martinmas Semester (Autumn 2013):

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