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Courses in Mathematics
and Statistics

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Note that the level 5 courses are for MMath students only

Programme Specification
An overview of choosing modules for BSc, MA and MMath degrees is available at THIS LINK (as a pdf file).

Further information on entry to honours can be found at THIS LINK.

Submission of work
Students submitting work electronically through the Module Management System may do so HERE
(The URL for this is: )

Past examination papers
These are available HERE

The School has obtained accreditation from the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) for its degree courses in Statistics. Graduates can apply for the title of Graduate Statistician.
Further details are available at THIS LINK.

The School's Honours degrees have been approved by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) for the Education requirement of the status of Chartered Mathematician, CMath.
For full details, see the IMA web page at THIS LINK.

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