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2013/2014 Sem. 1

2013/2014 Sem. 2


This module provides an introduction to the use of Information Technology in Mathematical Science. The topics covered include basic IT skills, data handling and analysis, and the use of a computational algebra package such as MAPLE. Students will undertake small projects and present short written reports. No previous knowledge of computing is required.


- to develop skills in the use of information technology and mathematical and statistical software for solving scientific problems;

- to develop understanding of the computational, mathematical and statistical techniques necessary for the use of such software;

- to show the effectiveness and limitations of such software.


By the end of the module a student should have:

- learned to use the application packages appropriate to word-processing (with emphasis on processing mathematical text), graphics and spreadsheets;

- learned to use a statistical package such as R;

- learned to use a computer algebra package such as Maple.


Introduction to MicroSoft Word, LaTeX and Excel

Symbolic Computation
Introduction to symbolic computation, defining functions and manipulating expressions, differentiating, integrating and plotting, loops and conditionals, solving problems with Maple.

Data analysis
Getting data into R and looking at it, descriptive statistics, random variation, confidence intervals, simple hypotheses, fitting linear models.


The university has a site licence for Maple, and students may put it up on their own machines.
The statistical package R can be obtained free of charge from: CRAN

Summaries and hand-outs are provided.

Lectures, practicals and tutorials

Lectures are held in the Microlab.
There are four lectures, one class test, one tutorial and one practical each week.


100% of the mark is from continuous assessment during the semester.

Re-assessment is by resubmission of appropriate project work and/or resit of class test(s).


Higher or A-level Mathematics


CS1002 or CS1006 or any 2000-level CS module


This module is taught every year in Semester 1 at 11.00.


Dr D H Mackay (Module coordinator), Dr S E King, Dr V Popov

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