The following minisymposia have been accepted for inclusion in BAMC 2018:

    Numerical Analysis meets Mathematical Biology
    Organisers: Dr M Ptashnyk (Heriot-Watt) & Dr I Kyza (Dundee)

    Waves in Fluids
    Organisers: Dr A Athanassoulis (Dundee) & Dr M Carr (St Andrews)

    Nonlinear Dispersive Waves
    Organisers: Dr K Khusnutdinova (Loughborough) & Dr E Parau (UEA)

    Optimal Control and Dynamic Games: Theory and Application
    Organisers: Prof V Turetsky (Ort Braude College) & Prof A Tsourdos (Cranfield)

    Frontiers and Challenges in Pattern Formation
    Organisers: Dr A Krause (Oxford) & Dr T Woolley (Cardiff)

    Multiscale Analysis of Porous Media
    Organisers: Dr K Daly (Southampton) & Dr D McKay-Fletcher (Southampton)

    Multiscale Modelling in Mathematical Biology
    Organisers: Dr S Merino-Aceituno (Imperial College) & Dr E Zatorska (UCL)

    Conflicting Attitudes in the History of Mathematical Science
    Organisers: Dr I Falconer (St Andrews)

    Fluctuating Complex Dynamical Systems
    Organisers: Professor S Kalliadasis (Imperial College), Dr P Yatsyshin (Imperial College) & Dr M Duran-Olivencia (Imperial College)

    Constitutive Modelling in Biomechanics
    Organisers: Dr V Balbi (NUI Galway) & Dr G Zurlo (NUI Galway)

    From Cell to Tissues: Multiscale Mathematical Approaches for Collective Cell Migration in Cancer Growth and Spread
    Organisers: Dr D Trucu (Dundee)

    Helicity in Weakly Dissipative Systems
    Organisers: Dr A Russell (Dundee), Dr D Pontin (Dundee) & Dr A Yeates (Durham)

    Multiscale Modelling, Analysis and Simulation in Biology and Medicine
    Organisers: Prof M Owen (Nottingham)

    A Snapshot of Scottish Mathematical Biology
    Organisers: Dr T Lorenzi (St Andrews) & Dr C Venkataraman (St Andrews)

    Multiscale Soft Tissue Modelling: Upscaling from Cell to Tissue
    Organisers: Dr P Stewart (Glasgow), Professor R Ogden (Glasgow), Professor S McDougall (Heriot-Watt) & Dr P Watton (Sheffield)

    Multiscale Soft Tissue Modelling: Circulation and Fluid-Structure Interaction
    Organisers: Prof X Luo (Glasgow) & Prof N Hill (Glasgow)

    Multiscale Soft Tissue Modelling: Cardiac Electrophysiology and Active Contraction
    Organisers: Dr R Simitev (Glasgow)

    Multiscale Soft Tissue Modelling: Parameter Inference
    Organisers: Prof D Husmeier (Glasgow) & Dr H Gao (Glasgow)