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Dear Mr Bennett,

Macmahon tells me that you have been reading my On Growth and Form– which surprises me a little; and that you have noted a number of errors in it, which does not surprise me at all. I have a good long list of them already, some of them obvious enough to stare me in the face and others detected by various friends.

I am just now preparing a re-issue of the book, and I should be obliged to you if you would let me have any notes which you have made.

I should like to make a thorough revision of the whole book; but alas, the Press have the whip-hand of me. They say they can only afford to reprint from the stereos, allowing me mere verbal corrections. Perhaps we shall arrive at some kind of compromise.

You may have some suggestions, and I should greatly value them, for the inclusion of new matter. For instance I want to expand my chapter on ‘Transformation’, and to add a new ... to it: in order to remind the reader that the theory of Transformation has its limitations, - that you cannot ‘transform’ a circle into a corkscrew. In other words, that every now and then Natura facit saltum [Nature makes a leap], that organic evolution is necessarily discontinuous, and that Cuvia’s doctrine of 'types' has its mathematical significance and justification.

Yours very faithfully,

D’Arcy W. Thompson

I shall be here for another 10-12 days, before returning to St Andrews.

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