Geoffrey Thomas Bennett

Geoffrey Thomas Bennett (1868-1943) was an English mathematician and professor at Emmanuel College Cambridge. He was a keen cyclist and enjoyed playing the piano.

The first letter between the two, available in the University of St Andrews Special Collections, was sent in 1923. In this letter, D'Arcy asks Bennett for corrections on the first edition after finding out that he has been reading the book. To see this letter click the link: (ms26197).

Bennett was one of the most heavily involved correspondents for the mathematical correction process of the second edition of On Growth and Form. Over 250 letters were sent between him and D'Arcy between 1923 and 1943, and D'Arcy admitted that he was only sending proofs to Bennett and possibly Larmor because he didn't want to bother people during the hard times of war (ms26129).

As a result of his assistance, there are several mentions of Bennett in the second edition: for example, in the Prefatory Note, D’Arcy writes that Bennett "never wearied of collaboration with me and his criticisms have been an education to receive.” Bennett is also the correspondent responsible for the renaming of Chapter 11 from the Logarithmic Spiral to the Equiangular Spiral, in the second edition (ms26066). Furthermore, he provided numerous notes and additions on this topic, some of which D'Arcy lifted into the book completely.

Additionally, the two men were more than academic partners: they were close friends who often discussed their lives and the state of the world, from bombing updates during the war to Magic Squares.

Geoffrey Thomas Bennett

This page relates to the work of Geoffrey Thomas Bennett in relation to D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson, for a more detailed biography of the life of Geoffrey Thomas Bennett, click here.

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