Wartime and D'Arcy


An interesting fact about On Growth and Form is that both the first and second edition of the books were released during wartime, 1917 and 1942, respectively. D’Arcy himself acknowledges this fact in the preface to his second edition in which he says the books “gave me solace and occupation, when service was debarred me by my years.”

D’Arcy continues “Few are left of the friends who helped me write [the first book]”. Indeed, Joseph Larmor, who assisted D’Arcy in the first book and was one of the few people he considered sending the second edition proofs to, fell fatally ill around the same time as its publish.

In his letters, particularly to Geoffrey Thomas Bennett, D’Arcy discusses various elements of the war.


While St Andrews didn’t receive too much bombing, D’Arcy says that the sirens frayed his nerves constantly. Also, some of the Schools were destroyed in the bombing and meant that his Laboratory was crowded (ms26132). D'Arcy went on several holidays to Spayside during the second world war, and confessed to Bennett that he found it hard to leave his house for so long.


D’Arcy referred to Churchill as a “magician” who had won over the middle classes. He tells a story of how a boy he knew had joined the army after listening to Churchill’s radio addresses. Despite this, D’Arcy wasn’t impressed by his oration, saying he gives at best "second or third rate speech" delivered in a "third or fourth rate" manner (ms26294). D'Arcy was also unsure about his skill as a diplomat.

The Enemy:

In a letter to Geoffrey Thomas Bennett in 1940, D’Arcy refers to the war as the “greatest blunder and greatest calamity in English history” (ms26237). At this time, he certainly believed that Hitler was a better military strategist than anyone on the British side and that the German forces were stronger than the Allies.

Bombing in nearby Dundee
Map of German advances in 1940


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