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During his lifetime, D'Arcy fomed a huge correspondence network. Gerhard Heilmann and Robert W. Shufeldt, like many others, were fortunate enough to be part of his squad.

Despite common misconceptions, this series of correspondence undoubtedly illustrates that D’Arcy was not working in seclusion from other scientists. He was in fact sharing ideas and pieces of work with very like-minded people.

In particular, it becomes clear the great respect that Gerhard Heilmann and D’Arcy held for one another. Unfortunately the two men received very different receptions. Heilmann struggled to gain both respect and funding from his peers in Denmark. He was forced to spend all his own money just to get his work printed. His work was deemed unoriginal and not of value, despite the importance D’Arcy and other British and American scientists had seen within it. This is in stark contrast to D’Arcy who was greatly admired within the scientific community of his country all the more because of his wide knowledge and expertise. Heilmann however appeared to be shunned by scientists in Denmark because of his career as an artist. It is unfortunate that these two men whose stories had been so intertwined and whose work had become somewhat of a collaboration received such different opinions from their peers.

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