Mike Todd



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Research Group:

School of Mathematics and Statistics (Room 320)
University of St Andrews
North Haugh
St Andrews
KY16 9SS


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Lectureship in Pure Maths at St Andrews:
    Applications from candidates whose research lies in the area of Discrete or Algebraic Geometry are particularly welcome, but strong candidates working in areas of pure maths will be considered. Deadline 30th Aug 2019. Details here.
Brief history:
    I am a Reader in pure maths at St Andrews, where I've worked since 2011 (I'm also the current Director of Research for maths and stats). Before that I held positions in Boston, Porto and Surrey, following my PhD in Warwick. I'm also an associate member of the Centre for Mathematics at the University of Porto (CMUP).

Proc EMS:
    I am the Ergodic Theory editor for the Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society. To submit a paper to that, follow the instructions here.
Research Interests:
  • Thermodynamic formalism: existence and uniqueness of equilibrium states for dynamical systems, phase transitions and transience
  • Recurrence: Extreme value theory and hitting time statistics
  • Statistical stability: convergence of measures in non-uniformly hyperbolic systems
  • Open systems: statistical properties of dynamical systems with holes
  • Slow mixing: statistical laws for dynamical systems with significant lack of uniform expansion