Sascha Troscheit

  • Mathematical Institute
  • University of St Andrews
  • North Haugh
  • St Andrews
  • KY16 9SS
  • United Kingdom
  • Office: 103
  • Tel.: (+44) 1334 46 3767
  • E-mail: s.troscheit( a t )

Curriculum Vitae

S Troscheit I am an EPSRC funded PhD student at the University of St Andrews. Member of the Analysis Group and interested in random fractal geometry, symbolic dynamics and dimension theory. I am joint supervised by Prof Kenneth Falconer and Dr Mike Todd.

I am currently organiser of PPS (Pure Postgraduate Seminars), a series of seminars -as the name suggests- for pure mathematics postgraduate students at the University of St Andrews. The schedule for which can be accessed by the PPS link above.

Finally, I was also a member of the scientific committee of YRM2016, the Young Researchers in Mathematics conference, responsible for "Pure Mathematics". YRM2016 will be hosted by the University of St Andrews in August 2016. See the official website for more details:

Outside of my field of research my interests include formal logic, philosophy and set theory. I am an active long distance sailor (mostly single-handed) and have sailed most of the British, German, Dutch, Belgian and French Atlantic coast. I am a radio amateur with full UK license and am a SCUBA dive instructor and keen technical diver.